greg wint photography

Bio: Greg Wint began his career in photography over forty years ago while living in the United States. After immigrating to Montreal, Quebec, he began a successful side-business in wedding photography and professional portraiture. His main occupation was as a principal technologist in instrument design for a large mining and forestry company. In 2003, Greg and his wife headed across the country to Squamish, British Columbia to be closer to their children. Greg quickly adjusted to the laid-back style of the west coast, where he revelled in the stunning vistas and clean, architectural designs. As a member of Squamish's artist group Visuals, Greg has exhibited his work in several community venues including Art Walk, Wild at Art, Polka-Dot-Com, and Metamorphosis Evolution - an exclusive showing of artist at Britannia Beach Mining Museum. His work is also displayed in private collections throughout North America, and he has received many accolades for his images of everyday life and landscapes. His collections can also be found at